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History of Paraguay - Volume II

History of Paraguay - Volume II

History Washburn II

The History of Paraguay - Vol. II - $4.99

with Notes of Personal Observation and Reminiscences of Diplomacy under Difficulties

Authored by Charles A. Washburn 
Edited by Ricardo C. M. Portella 

History of Paraguay is an extraordinary book about this Republic of South America, the Paraguay. Although it was written in the XIX century, this book is fundamental to understand the roots of the Paraguayan War (1865-1870) as well as the character of South American nations. Its author, Mr. Charles Ames Washburn, was a US Minister in this country from 1861 to 1868, so he was an eyewitness to tragic events that take place in Paraguay at that time. It is a fundamental book for those who want to better understand the soul of South America.
This second volume covers from the begining of the war to the end of it, focusing in the drama lived by Washburn during his term in Paraguay.

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The History of Paraguay - Vol. II

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