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Hans Stade Captivity

Hans Stade Captivity

Capa Hans Stade

The Captivity of Hans Stade

Among the Wild Tribes of Eastern Brazil

Authored by Hans Stade  Introduction and notes by Richard Francis Burton  Edited by Ricardo C. M. Portella  Translated by Albert Tootal 
Hans Stade was a German soldier and adventurer that lived in the XVI century. In one of his trips, a tribe of cannibals in Brazil captured him. He spent several months as a prisoner and had the luck to escape alive. This book is an account of life as a prisoner, and it remarkable by his accurate descriptions of costumes and rituals of the natives of South America.
This edition also brings a lengthy introduction written by Cap. Richard F. Burton where he describes in details the places where Hans Staden spent his captivity, and gives an excellent description of the Tupi tribes that inhabited Brazil before the conquest. The introduction together with his extensive footnotes makes Hans Stade text an incredible account of the life of the wild tribes of Brazil.
All illustrations of the original German edition are also included.


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